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Ever notice the number of apple varieties? They each have their own characteristics and many are great for baking and cooking. Below is a list of popular apple varieties perfect for cooking:

Golden Delicious: With a thin skin and a nice juicy interior, these apples are great for baking and give the best results in baked goods.

Rome: Bright red, juicy, and mildly tart. Rich flavor when cooked or baked. Best for pies and pancakes.

Granny Smith: Bright green skin, with some occasional white specks. Sweet and tart at the same time, best eaten raw or used in sauces, but also good for cakes, crisps, and pies, when blended with other varieties of sweeter apples. My personal favorite for snacking.

Jonathan: Mostly red with blushes of green near stem. Both sweet and tart. Good all-purpose cooking apple. Best for pies; halves will hold their shape in slow cooker.

McIntosh: Soft red and green color; sweet, tart, juicy, and firm. Best for eating raw, and in salads, applesauce, pies, tarts and juicing.

Fuji: Soft red in color, with some yellow near the stem. They are sweet, juicy, and firm and best for pie filling and tarts because they hold their shape.