Your everyday cooking spray is a great “multi-tasking” tool for your kitchen. Here are some helpful and unexpected tips for using:

–  Spray your cheese grater to prevent cheese from sticking when grating cheese. This works for chocolate as well.

–  If you must spray one of your sauté pans or skillet with cooking spray, never heat the pan more than 2-3 minutes, as doing so will scorch the cooking spray!

–  When cutting foods that stick together (such as dried fruits, marshmallows and gumdrops), spray your kitchen shears with the cooking spray beforehand.

–  When melting chocolate, spray the bowl first before melting. The chocolate will slide right out when melted. Use this trick when measuring honey or molasses in measuring cups or spoons.

–  Spray your plastic container well before storing food that stain such as tomato-based foods or sauces.

–  Spray your kitchen knife before slicing things like hard-boiled eggs or cheese to prevent sticking to the knife.

–  Next time you defrost your freezer, spray cooking spray inside (the shelves mostly). This will aid in removal of ice later on.

–  Store cans in a cool, dry place up to 12 months.